Michelle has always surrounded herself with animals. She grew up working with and riding horses from the age of 3. Her interest in dog psychology and behavior began in 2010 while experiencing difficulty in getting effective help for the behavior issues she was experiencing with her own dog, Cake. She saw 5 different professionals with Cake in search for help to make her a more balanced, social dog. They went through in-home training, group classes, obedience, e-collar work, Schutzhund, and balanced training. While Cake was the most obedient dog, her behavior issues and lack of social skills continued to be a problem. What was the big missing piece? Michelle was still not able to make Cake feel differently. On Michelle's journey, she mentored under and trained with Cheri Lucas, longtime right-hand woman to famed “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan, Simon Prins, and Kimberly Artley of Pack Fit

Michelle found her niche in the dog world when she was introduced to the Fouche Way, a philosophy that examines the dog's perspective and addresses them emotionally and hormonally as individuals. Through these practices, Michelle is passionate about speaking to dogs as nature intended.


The Hampton Road's show Creature Feature - A Dog Named Cake

It's Just a Piece of Cake - written by Melinda Brown