Struggling with your dog? We've been there too and we can help!

We come to you to work through issues you may be experiencing with your dog/s. Our individualized training is personalized to assist in accomplishing your goals. We work in real-life settings to set everyone up for success and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Does your dog want an adventure? Do you want to enjoy a peaceful evening with your dog when they are calmer and fulfilled after spending time with friends? Our pack adventures are not your average dog walking service. 


— Alyssa L.

I loved working with Michelle and accomplished exactly what I wanted with my dog, Milo! My objective was to have more control and confidence with my dog on walks. He would pull the whole walk no matter if it was 15 minutes or 1 hour. Within two sessions with Michelle, Milo was staying by my side with zero pulling and relaxed. Now it's fun to go on walks. In addition to achieving our goals with Milo, Michelle is a joy to work with and I benefitted from her patience, confidence, and passion for dog training.

Focusing on behavior issues in dogs of any age and breed.

Whether it's preventing problems or addressing existing issues, our approach is based on relationship building and effective, clear, consistent communication that makes sense to the dog. When it comes to behavior, we explore the underlying root causes - learning who your dog is as an individual and addressing the daily habits and routines we practice that impact our dogs. Rather than relying on obedience commands, treats, or controlling with force, we focus on influencing a dog mentally and changing how they FEEL in their environment.

Our Services 

Designed to meet the needs and goals of the individual dog and scenario.