The initial consultation is the gateway to working with us, and for very specific reasons.

This is conducted in the home, is roughly 2 hours in length, and is an incredibly informative and comprehensive experience. We cannot help without first understanding. This is an essential time to gather information - from both the human's and the dog's perspective - the details that all play impactful roles in the issues that are being presented and how we will solve them. We are taking note of challenges, relationship dynamics, goals, and needs. The initial consultation allows us to share our knowledge and insight into your situation, and to help you learn more about us and how we can help you. When we take the time to observe and understand, then we're able to create the most effective and appropriate approach for your individual dog/s, scenario, and needs because we believe in a well-rounded, holistic philosophy with results that last, instead of band-aids or quick fixes.

 After the initial consultation, a detailed recap is emailed that outlines what was discussed (for your records and reference), as well as links to any resources we may have mentioned. We will define the issues, outline our suggested approach, and propose an individualized training package that is tailored to your unique situation.